Dr Howie

By combining specialised skills from years of experience Dr Howie and members of his team are able to offer you the best advice and treatment (surgical and non-surgical) for management of your back and leg pain.

He has also worked at the J G Strijdom Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, and St Mary’s Hospital, London in 1979, as well as Sydney, Nova 

Scotia and Cornerbrook, Newfoundland in Canada in 1986.

He was a Clinical Fellow at St Michael’s Hospital (University of Toronto 1985) and a fellow at the A.I.Dupont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.

 (1986). On returning to New Zealand in 1987 he worked as a full-time Specialist at Auckland Hospital before commencing private practice in 1988. He

 was a founding member of the Spine Society of Australia in 1990.

 In 1996 he formed an association with two Neurosurgeons, Mr Edward Mee and Mr Arnold Bok.

He has worked at the new Ascot Hospital since it opened in April 1999.
Dr Howie’s principle area of interest and expertise is the lumbar spine (the lower back), especially with abnormalities of the discs, e.g., sciatica and associated conditions such as spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis. He has experience in post-traumatic and post-surgical reconstruction (failed back surgery) and tumour surgery. While having experience in scoliosis and deformity surgery as well as cervical spine problems he may refer such patients to other surgeons.

He has seen over 16,000 people with spinal problems and has performed more than 4,500 lumbar spine operations.

Although he does not prepare Medico-Legal reports (except in unusual circumstances) he is a Certified Medical Examiner of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners since April 2001.