Back Pain


Our Philosophy on back pain

Most people don't need surgery for back pain. Occasionally it can be due to serious diseases such as cancer or infection.


The disc / facet joint complex

We believe many cases of back pain are due to abnormalities of the disc


FAQ's about back pain

Back pain won't cripple you and too much surgery is bad for you - these are questions we get asked


Images - Back Pain

Spinal surgery has advanced enormously because of better images but even ordinary Xrays can be very useful. Always keep your pictures - they can be useful years late


Back pain in Children, Teens and Oldies

Different age groups have different causes for their sore back.


Medical Causes of Back Pain

Many diseases can be associated with back pain - here are some of them.


Other regions: Neck / thoracic / pelvis

Pain can arise in other areas of the spine, chest, abdomen or pelvis.


ACC and Back Pain

Not all back pain is due to an accident. Before claiming ACC carefully consider how your back pain started. Often people just wake up with a sore back.